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Custom Design is The key to Marketing

August 18, 2012

” People don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be communicated with.” Flint McFaughlin

I read this quote while reading a great book entitled EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey and a thought dawned on me, custom design marketing is the way to do exactly this, Communicate your brand to customers instead of pushing your brand and making customers feel they are being sold.
Brand development is a key part to success, especially in the hospitality business. When a hotel corporation is wanting to establish who they are as a brand, they want to communicate a message what type of hotel chain they are whether they are Luxury focused, Family Focused, young adult focused, business focused, etc.

The products that the hotel corporation uses can be the tool to “communicate” exactly what the message on what type of brand they represent. It comes down to the detail which includes all amenities each location offers including facility supplies. All products that the hotel puts there name on needs to be executed in a way that conveys there message and image. A beautiful custom made package containing the goods from soaps, to towels, to clothing items and more can a much more fulfilling impact on the consumer and convey the brand that the corporation represents.

xpedx offers the capabilities to assist hotel corporations with there custom design needs. Allow us to show you how we can create a custom package for your products no matter what shape or size to help with ” communicate” your band in the best way possible. We also provide every capability to provide a national facility supplies distributor, create custom packaging , and paper supplier.

Matt Miller
Sales/ Consultant

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