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The best solution for hospitality corporations

August 12, 2012

Large and small hotel chains invest a large amount of money into company logos and design personal shampoos and soaps. Many companies buy the shampoo and then hire a design company to design the packaging for the soaps and shampoos. This is a much less cost effective way to produce the products to give to hotel guests. Just think, almost all hotels offer their shampoos and soaps in every room as complimentary goods.

What if there was a way to produce the highest quality soaps and shampoos for your guests and lower the overall cost for the hotel corporation.

Xpedx offers just that solution. Here is how xpedx can be the best solution for hotel corporations:

– provides the ability to provide the highest quality soaps and shampoos.

– have a state of the art design solution center where we work with our clients to produce the best marketable design for there products.

– creates any packaging solution for products no matter what shape and size.

– xpedx is a global distribution company which enables us to provide direct delivery from design to the hotel.

What does this mean for hotel corporations?

Xpedx is the best solution to exceed your guests expectations by providing the highest quality products to there rooms and saving the corporation money and time.

Allow us to show you how we can be the solution your company’s facility solution needs.

Matt Miller
Account manager/ Consultant

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