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Sanitation in amusement parks

August 2, 2012

What is one of the biggest challenges any amusement park faces? … Hands down it is Sanitation and cross contamination. There is so much thought and effort that goes into a keeping a amusement park clean and sanitary that most do not see or think about. Having the right facility supply chain is crucial to the success of a clean and safe amusement park.

I went to a very well known amusement park to over view there sanitary conditions and see how xpedx could better provide the amusement park than there current supplier. I saw so many areas that I could help improve it jaws kinda over whelming. xpedx works great for facility supplies to large business like amusement parks because besides have every cleaning solution and training available, xpedx is a international supplier so if the company has multiple locations, xpedx can service all locations flawlessly.

Today was a great day providing insight to a huge amusement park! I look forward to providing the best facility solutions possible. For any questions on how xpedx can assist with your companies facility supplies, please free to contact me any time.

Matt Miller
Sales Rep/ account manager

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