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The importance of commercial “Caution” wet floor signs

July 31, 2012

Today I had a chance to go to a few hospitals in the area to check to see how there facilities were doing on supplies. Being that I am in the facility solutions industry, I wanted to see how I could benefit the hospital by supplying them with today’s best equipment. It was brought to my attention today that there was a need for commercial “caution” multi lingual wet floor signs. Rubbermaid makes a wonderful commercial “Caution” wet floor sign. The design is great for visibility and cost. These signs play a huge role in any commercial facility because not only do they prevent people to slip and get injured, but they also save the company a lot of money from the lack of law suits and workers comp. Something as simple as placing a commercial ” caution” wet floor sign in view for others while there is a wet surface will be a HUGE savings in the long run for the company. Less accidents to employees equals a more efficient institution. Now that is what I call facility solutions.

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